Ben Szymanski

Software Engineer • πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ & 🐊

It's been... almost four years since I started using a FaceID phone.

I was never really happy or satisfied with FaceID. It seemed like a very big step backward from TouchID. But your option is FaceID or... Android, with their own janky implementation of FaceID (admittedly many of their phones also have a fingerprint reader in them too).

Every. Time. I. Get. A. Notification.

I hear the phone vibrate on my desk as it wakes up and tries to FaceID. And I simply cannot stand for this anymore. It is inhumane.

So today, here at the end of August 2022, I have disabled FaceID and will simply use the pin method of unlocking my phone.

I feel so relieved, which is the reason I write this. I encourage you to turn off your FaceID. To embrace the pin. To embrace long-lasting physical and mental health.

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