1. Did Pixar design and render Mac OS X Aqua?

  2. Find out what happened to Janet.

  3. The message is strong - gtfo of states that can't manage themselves.

  4. Found a website dedicated to one of my favorites.

  5. Maybe the Mac Pro should be discontinued.

  6. Can we just get rid of Android?

  7. One of the worst annoyances of MacOS today is window focus.

  8. Slowly realizing why the blue box was needed.

  9. Record of which operating systems work best on which machinery.

  10. Randomly banned from Instagram?


Server Admin 10.6

Are you tired of PaaS startups rehashing old ideas that used to be implemented for free in the open source world? Maybe you just like running your own server(s)? Or, maybe you just miss clicking around Apple's utility applications.

Well you're in luck because we are replicating the late, the great Mac OS X Server Admin application, and we're doing it in classic Mac OS X style with AppKit and Objective-C.

Server Admin - Server administration for what's left of us.

Server Admin 10.3

Relive the magic of Mac OS X Server, and it's Server Admin application, right in your browser! Step back into 2003 and click through all the services and panels that shipped with 10.3 Server.

Classic Finder

Everything (mostly) you loved about the original Macintosh Finder, implemented in Objective-C and Cocoa to run on your modern Mac!

Work With Me

Protype Software Ltd.

Protype Software is an independent practice that I founded to act as a vessel for freelance work. I can build websites, web apps, Mac apps. I can also help with automation, CI/CD and general systems administration.

Proudly powered by Pelican, which takes great advantage of Python.