Ben Szymanski

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Python and the Python ecosystem is an actual lifesaver. I just automated a task that would have taken me weeks to complete, had a script written in less than 10 minutes and had it execute in less than 20 seconds.

This makes me think: Why can't Apple's own system automation tools be that productive?

At this point, even ripping off the JS DOM API and implementing it over MacOS would be better than AS or JXA.

I want to believe in automation. And I do believe that Apple has invested the most, both financially and in terms of just caring at all. But it's so hard to feel productive with what they've got.

AppleScript... doesn't make sense. Automator is basically a zombie leftover from Tiger. Shortcuts was a... a swing and a miss. I don't know anyone who uses it, and even the Shortcuts reddit groups seem dead.

Though I will say that I enjoy being able to wrap shell scripts in Shortcuts and have them accessible from the menubar.

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