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It's now 2023, and the only Mac in the entire lineup that isn't converted over to Apple Silicon is the Mac Pro.

It's not hard to see why - the offer of expandability is what makes the Mac Pro product line have its reason for being. But that clashes with the goals of the Apple Silicon systems - to be compact, energy efficient,closed off, but high performance.

The Mac Pro makes less and less sense.

Migrating it straight to Apple Silicon seems wasteful. I guess they could just cram more cores in there. But the Mac Studio exists and already fills this need quite well. I'm sure they could probably pack more cores into that same Mac Studio body, especially when 3nm chips hit.

The iMac and Mac mini (especially now that the Mac Mini has an M2 Pro option) are great systems for everyone else.

Maybe it's time to discontinue the Mac Pro and bring back the XServe.

The XServe could stay on x64 indefinitely. It's a rack-mounted server. Perfect for the corporate clients who are likely the only ones buying Mac Pros anyway.

macOS could strip away all the Intel bins. macOS Server could strip away all the AS bins.

Admittedly this would be one server product I wouldn't care for, but my failure of imagination is preventing me from seeing how a Mac Pro on AS would be worth the costs of r&d and production.

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