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A List of Everything

An encyclopedia in list format.


In a bout of sleep deprivation, I thought it would be funny to create a website named "A List of Everything." The site would do just literally what the name says... have a list of everything.

After a few years of sitting on it, I deicded to will this site into existence. There isn't a lot of content on it yet, but I felt that it was more important to launch the site with basic functionality and just a few topics instead of sit on it any further.

This website is all about performance. The front-end public facing pages/user interface was built to load as fast as possible... which means that I constrained the number of HTTP requests, used no libraries or frameworks, and all page/template processing is happening on the server. The "Presidents of the United States" page shown below loads using < 30 Kb (at the time of writing) and just two HTTP requests. It loads fast over slow networks and cell connections.

The content is being developed and researched from primary sources, if possible. This project seeks to be as accurate as possible and each topic should have source citations.

You can visit the site today/now at:


a list of everything homepage

Topic Page

a list of everything, showing Presidents of the United States list

Editor Interface

a list of everything editor table grid view showing all list elements for Presidents of the United States topic