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Server Admin 10.4

Are you tired of PaaS startups rehashing old ideas that used to be implemented for free in the open source world?

Maybe you just like running your own server(s)?

Well you're in luck because we are replicating the late, the great Mac OS X Server Admin application, and we're doing it using modern web technologies. In this case, it happens to be VueJS, Semantic UI-VueJS bindings, and Python + FastAPI. All great technologies (you're welcome).

Server Admin - Server administration for what's left of us.

Classic Finder

Everything (mostly) you loved about the original Macintosh Finder, implemented in Ojective-C and Cocoa to run on your modern Mac!

Server Admin 10.3

Relive the magic of Mac OS X Server and it's Server Admin application, right in your browser! Step back into 2003 and click through all of the services and panels that shipped with 10.3 Server.