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Update Posting.

I’ve been kind of missing from the tech scene lately (not that I have some large presence online anyway). That is, outside of the critiques, err, shitposts I write/respond to on Twitter.

You didn't notice? Excellent. The truth is I haven’t been working on any programming/dev projects outside the office (poor Classic Finder) because I''ve been taking piano lessons for about the last ten months. Today I played in my first recital at the tender age of 28.

The song I played is called Se Telefonando and was originally performed by Mina in the 1960’s. (S/o to my friend Stephan Taylor for the song recommendation.) I found some sheets online and my teacher helped me turn it into a solo over the last two months.

Perhaps I will one day return to keeping up on a side project, perhaps not. I don’t really miss it all that much, and I think adding piano lessons has helped me become a better dev just by not being so burnt out all the time.

I post this post to recommend everyone else to do similar too, whether it''s piano or guitar or painting or carpentry (seems popular lately)... or whatever else. If you can set aside trying to turn the iPad into a Mac (always #shitpost-ing), you definitely should.

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