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Well, I've had an absolutely horrible weekend. As if it didn't start bad enough, it ended even worse.

I have (and continue to) reflect on the shitshows that played out in front of me, and how I can do better. This is gaining wisdom, and it feels like a new era in my life.

Rule Number 1

On holiday weekends (or holiday periods in general), do not travel and do not partake in any events or activities that require you going to any place other than the nearby private residences of family or friends.

Avoid it all.

Stay home, hunker down, relax by your pool or on a nice hammock on your balcony or deck.

Nothing good happens on these weekends, you have everything to lose/things can only get worse. And these weekends are often excuses for drunks and pricks to come out.

This is the second time I have learned that recently - the former being last Christmas when I went back to my hometown and had to suffer through canceled flights and the flu.

Much like the best time to run errands is either before everyone wakes up, or after everyone winds down/goes to sleep, travel and do those activities on random weekends in August or September or March.

Rule Number 2

Always keep track of your items, and stay vigilant.

Horrible people really are out there, people who want to deprive you of your property.

Keep a log book of serial numbers down and tag everything with AirTags - they're worth the investment.

I'll never let this happen again - I am going to find you and turn your lowlife ass into the police.

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