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WWDC: Which Way?

How To Improve the App Store

I'm not an indie Apple dev like all of these people are, but the internal tooling that I put together using native platform tech (both Apple and Microsoft) is now basically a bunch of specialized clients connecting to web services I put together. These apps are just presenters. Thankfully I'm not doing anything with rich media where I'd have to do it all locally.

I guess I could make web interfaces for this stuff but I really do struggle with SPAs... the infrastructure around it moreso than the frameworks themselves. I just know I can get things up and running faster and more reliably using native frameworks and GUI toolkits. Building an entire app as a SPA is something I would really have to learn to love.

With the upcoming shift to ARM Macs, I will not be surprised if macOS ends up even more locked down. At which point, it'll be like what is the point of implementing anything locally instead of implementing it on an open source stack on a server and then accessing it through a http call? Mac apps are probably about to get a lot dumber, and this time it's not going to be because of Catalyst.

At this point, I have to stop and ask myself, which way?

I'm hoping WWDC really impresses - that great improvements have been made to Swift and SwiftUI and that it will make it clear that I should continue to invest my time and effort into native platforms.