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Filter Your Water, No Really - Pt. 1

Many people snicker when they find out I filter everything out of my drinking water. Well... https://twitter.com/PIX11News/status/1160608999844339713

08:36 PM ‐ Aug. 11, 2019

“But your body needs minerals from water otherwise it’ll pull it from elsewhere in your body.”

08:41 PM ‐ Aug. 11, 2019

So... cook with cast iron, eat fruits and vegetables, and supplement. The benefits of whatever trace minerals you’re getting from muni water don’t out weigh the pharm, ag and industrial runoff you’re also getting.

08:41 PM ‐ Aug. 11, 2019

Many local water authorities admit that they don’t have the infrastructure to remove all of this garbage during treatment. They can only improve the water quality to a certain point.

08:41 PM ‐ Aug. 11, 2019

Do not be ignorant. Filter everything out of your water. Fit a reverse osmosis machine in your kitchen if can, otherwise there’s alternatives (not gonna shill).

08:46 PM ‐ Aug. 11, 2019