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E-Foil Nation: Crab Island Adventure


Determine whether a Lyft eFoil board can make it to Crab Island and back (to Okaloosa Island).


Almost, but not quite (see map for detailed trip log).



This was rough. Perhaps it was the amount of boat traffic and the wakes they were generating at the time I went, but it was very difficult to get standing, let alone foiling. Even when able get get foiling, it was difficult to deal with steep waves. I traveled most of the trip on my knees. I would recommend this trip only for more advanced foilers, and even then those with larger/more stable wings available, which should also maybe help with the battery life.

I don’t think most would like this trip. Even more advanced riders may not like this trip just because of the amount of boat traffic and the PWCs. Crab Island sounds cool, but actually feels kind of “meh” once you’re there.