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Boomers & Shit

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Both threads have valid points. IMO the thing that is constantly overlooked in these discussions is that the boomers grew up in an era where material life was provided to them seemingly effortlessly by the GI generation.

As such, boomers aren’t up to the challenges of maintaining that standard of living. They simply don't know the recipe. And today, the endowment left behind by the sheer energy and capacity of the GI's is fading faster and faster.

It’s easy (though misguided) to fling shit at boomers and blame them for the missteps the leaders of their generations have made (Neo-liberalism, Neo-conservatism, electing the Clintons, electing the Bushes…). But honestly, how many of us millennials have any kind of control over the pain our millennial leaders impose on society (ex: Zuckerberg)?

The world that the boomers grew up in was a result of handwork and teamwork. Something that seems to be out of vogue today. (Ex: think about the number of music acts that are solo acts, compared to two+ decades ago.) It's not coming back without both of those elements.

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