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  1. Photoshop Icons

    You didn't ask, but I'm going to go ahead and assert that the best Photoshop icon they've ever done was the icon for CS2, with the icon for v7 coming in second. I'd also be interested to know what changed after CS3 that cause the applications to feel a lot …

  2. Boomers & Shit

    In Response To... Both threads have valid points. IMO the thing that is constantly overlooked in these discussions is that the boomers grew up in an era where material life was provided to them seemingly effortlessly by the GI generation. As such, boomers aren’t up to the challenges of …

  3. What a Computer is

    Posting this link here to remind all of the iPad evangelicals what a computer is.

  4. #Web30

    Alternatives to Web Apps: X Windows. Alternatives to many websites: XHTML2 pages with a Sherlock-esque frontend. How do we revive this? Original Tweet

  5. NGINX Sold

    Well, I’d say I’m pretty glad I never turned into an NGINX kind of a guy.

  6. FaceID

    FaceID is the perfect authentication scheme for the most vain of generations. It's perfect for those who love taking selfies. Everytime I authenticate with my phone, I feel like I gotta get it at just the right angle and definitely on my good side, in order for it to work. Original Tweet

  7. The Road To Nowhere

    This is a pretty great track! Quite ethereal. The Road to Nowhere - Carole King, 1966 Original Tweet

  8. Reasons

    Everything happens for a reason they say, but that assumes that the rest of the world is sane. Original Tweet

  9. Classic Finder

    I created a clone/re-creation of the Classic Mac OS Finder in modern Cocoa and Objective-C. I attempted to make it as pixel perfect and to-scale as possible by referencing screenshots I found around on the web and a tangerine iBook running Mac OS 9. This Finder clone is functional …

  10. The 2015 MacBook Pro

    I need to talk about this: The best laptop ever made The argument needing to be made is not that the 2015 MacBook Pro was some kind of pinnacle of a laptop - I was in 2015, and it wasn't. The 2015 MacBook Pro was just a speedbump, and a ho-hum …

  11. WebForms vs MVC

    A few months ago, I got a text message from a friend mulling over whether to proceed with working on and learning ASP.NET WebForms, or to go straight to ASP.NET MVC. I wrote my response out in the Notes app, copy/pasted and sent. After flipping through old …

  12. Multi-Index Search in Umbraco Using Examine

    Guide on using Examine multi-indexers and searchers in Umbraco.

  13. Chrome and Web Animations

    tl;dr; Don't name a function "animate()" and expect it to work right in Chrome. API naming collision!

  14. Shorthand in SVG, Core Graphics

    Thinking through the challenges of how SVG commands map to CoreGraphics APIs.

  15. NSAttributedString and Swift 2.0

    Drawing text using NSAttributedString in Swift 2.

  16. Setting up ASP.NET/Mono on Mac OS

    A guide on how to install and configure ASP.NET / Mono on macOS.

  17. Setting up ASP.NET/Mono on Mac OS Server

    A guide on how to install and configure ASP.NET / Mono on macOS Server.

  18. Novell

    Linking to a slightly humorous promo video made by Novell, poking fun at the "old" Microsoft.

  19. Reminiscing About Old UI's

    Comparing the user interface appearnance of Mac OS X 10.3 / Panther, against OS X 10.10 / Yosemite.