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  1. I don't think urban cores returning to everything Jane Jacobs held dear needs to be lamented.

  2. Some thoughts on what we should be building instead.

  3. How does everyone keep up with all of this long-form content?

  4. Why can't Apple's own system automation tools be that productive?

  5. The iPad is in decline, and hardly anyone cares.

  6. A tale of vintage computer shopping and collecting.

  7. A surprisingly millennial movie.

  8. The Mac Studio display has been chided since it's release as unnecessary, in both price and components. Could it be that we have been looking at is what the flat-panel Apple TV was supposed to be? A reused design?

  9. Flying has become so miserable that the flight attendants don't even try to paper over the injustice with pleasantness anymore.

  10. Find out what happened to Janet.

  11. The message is strong - gtfo of states that can't manage themselves.

  12. Found a website dedicated to one of my favorites.

  13. Maybe the Mac Pro should be discontinued.

  14. One of the worst annoyances of MacOS today is window focus.

  15. Slowly realizing why the blue box was needed.

  16. Record of which operating systems work best on which machinery.

  17. As boring as these aluminum Macs are, they're going to age so much better.

  18. I love Macs, but not every Mac.

  19. Chrome or Safari? Pick one. (I pick Safari)

  20. Reclaim your life by disabling FaceID.

  21. Time for another major site refresh.

  22. Everyone needs to get FreeBSD-pilled that FreeBSD is better than Linux.

  23. No one would complain about the daylights savings changeover/spring forward if it happened during the workday.

  24. Twitter might die, but microblogging won't.

  25. I am obsessed with server utility applications, and I have no idea why.

  26. First generation Intel MacBook Pro, meet first generation M1 MacBook Pro.

  27. Worldwide software engineer appreciation week kicks off next week, 1/31.

  28. Millennials and Zoomers don't have scratchy vinyl or warped cassette tapes, we have insufferable scratchy...

  29. My submission for 2021 online piano recital.

  30. Everything went commercial.

  31. Dedication to the cause of saving beautiful iBook G3s.

  32. Adventure in setting up your own XMPP server.

  33. Who is the man behind this blog?

  34. Some thoughts on hardware lockdown.

  35. Kicking the tires on ElementaryOS

  36. Celebrating completing a professional certification.

  37. I don't play videos games much these days, but these are the ones I used to like.

  38. Using rsync to roll your own backup solution.

  39. A new photo blog for my Mac collection.

  40. Twitter is toxic AF.

  41. The world is not boring, YOU are boring for paying attention to nothing!

  42. What happened to computing? Picking some new hardware.

  43. The truth about the time I tried to forge my own path.

  44. What happened to computing? Someone actually read this!

  45. What happened to computing? The Master Plan.

  46. What happened to computing?

  47. Made a script to generate audio player sites.

  48. Everyone has to start somewhere, and this is my story.

  49. Jokes that only nerds could get into.

  50. The best way to get rid of spare change is to wait until night falls, when the streets are empty, then go...

  51. Recreating macOS X Server Admin

  52. Actually, everyone loves memes.

  53. Downloading software from the App Store is as dignified as sitting in the massage chairs in the middle of...

  54. The best way to find new tracks on Apple Music is to find a song you already know, search and let it play...

  55. 16:9 is an injustice forced on computer users by cinema loving nerds.

  56. Everything that's happened until today.

  57. BBQ sauce recipie I have never tried.

  58. You bootlicking fanboys know who you are, and you need to stop comparing everything to the iPod.

  59. Where does that generational theory/idea originate from?

  60. A comparison of Photoshop icons.

  61. In the days of multi-million (or more) dollar marketing budgets telling us that tablets are computers, I respond with this

  62. Strange things happening in the parking lot of Stop & Shop in Old Saybrook.

  63. NGINX got sold. Apache rules.

  64. I bought one of the new Mac mini's.

  65. Two mean things you can do to someone.

  66. This is your reminder to stop calling incomplete software "buggy."

  67. What if we blended tech more invisibly into everday things?

  68. Shift timelines and run a clone of the classic Finder on your modern Mac!

  69. Memories of the time someone at Apple pasted in a screenshot of an iPad on top of MacOS.

  70. Critique of the critique of the MacBook Pro.

  71. ASP.NET MVC vs WebForms

  72. Trying out a new type of CMS for this site.

  73. Guide on using Examine multi-indexers and searchers in Umbraco.

  74. Careful with those javascript function names.

  75. Converting SVG paths to CoreGraphics paths.

  76. A guide on how to install and configure ASP.NET / Mono on macOS.

  77. A guide on how to install and configure ASP.NET / Mono on macOS Server.

  78. I write #applications, not #tragedies.

  79. Novell, poking fun at Microsoft.

  80. Comparing the interface of Panther and Yosemite.

  81. Using profiles to get up and going a bit quicker.

  82. What's missing from iOS's new parallax animations.

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