Ben Szymanski

Software Engineer • πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ & 🐊

I bought one of the new Mac mini's. It's hooked up only to a single non-HiDPI monitor. And for the first time in five years (the five years since I have had my rMBP), the whole system feels amazingly smooth and responsive in comparison. There is no delay on text or window resizing.

I have always suspected, ever since I got that rMBP, that the GFX chipset in it just wasn't up to the task of running that many pixels. After five years of annoying lag all over the system, this Mac feels so refreshing to use.

OTOH, Windows 10 did run much smoother than Mac OS X ever did on that rMBP. Better drivers I suppose. Still. I think retina Macs kind of just suck.

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