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Classic Finder

Everything (mostly) you loved about the original Macintosh Finder, implemented in Ojective-C and Cocoa to run on your modern Mac!

Server Admin

Relive the magic of Mac OS X Server and it's Server Admin application, right in your browser! Step back into 2003 and click through all of the services and panels that shipped with 10.3 Server.

Static Music Sites

What even is the future of desktop music players?

iTunes just ain't what it was, so I started thinking about how I could liberate music from my CD collection. I created a collection of Python scripts to run through iTunes-style music directories and generate a browsable static website. This site can then be uploaded to any basic web server, on any host. No application runtimes needed.

If you upload one of these sites to a public webserver, please consider locking access down using HTTP Basic Auth.