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If You Are Serious About the Music You Listen To

I think the best thing to do, if you are serious about the music you listen to, is to accumulate the CD's and rip them. I've gotten my paws on nearly 50 CDs from local goodwills on the cheap. And regardless of the imminent iTMS shutdown, these old discs will still play.

12:05 AM ‐ Jun. 24, 2018

My now-canceled streaming sub was costing me $128.52/y, according to my CC tx history. I wonder how those costs will compound over time, considering the lost time/money that could have been spent in investing in solid copies ...

12:19 AM ‐ Jun. 24, 2018

PLUS being locked into an "ecosystem" when there eventually is a price-hike that pushes the price upwards to $15/mo.

12:19 AM ‐ Jun. 24, 2018

The convenience of online streaming subscriptions masks the most obvious conflict that, like anything else, you need to accumulate resources to get ahead financially.

12:19 AM ‐ Jun. 24, 2018

I think Steve Jobs was right when he ~ said "consumers don't want to rent music," he just worded it in a way that made it easy to dismiss.

12:23 AM ‐ Jun. 24, 2018

We see this in streaming music, but we also see it in software and pretty much any other digitally delivered good.

12:24 AM ‐ Jun. 24, 2018

... oh don't mind me, this #millennial is just getting things figured out.

12:29 AM ‐ Jun. 24, 2018