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Filter Your Water, No Really - Pt.2

"A pumping station malfunction in the system this week released an estimated 90,000 gallons of raw sewage into the river." Tell me why, again, you are not filtering your drinking water down to 0 PPM? Oh, right, there's "trace minerals" in it, right along with trace fecal matter.

10:50 PM ‐ Sep. 14, 2019

To be clear, there is trace minerals in there, but this argument is null and void when you consider that the makeup of these minerals is going to differ wildly between locales, and therefore is probably not a good source to rely on anyway.

10:53 PM ‐ Sep. 14, 2019

"Unfortunately, spills of this nature are not uncommon." - LEE SAWYER, SPOKESMAN FOR THE CONNECTICUT DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Yep! Just gonna leave this here. No worries at all though everyone, water quality is within "acceptable levels."

11:45 PM ‐ Sep. 14, 2019